Corporate Social Responsibility

ANRC Consulting has long had a policy also to employ, build on and develop its resources, expertise and experience in a corporate social responsibility programme. The firm has identified selected specific areas of unmet or poorly-met need where it can make valuable contributions. It has chosen to focus its activities within this social responsibility framework exclusively on these areas.

ANRC Consulting runs an extensive programme supporting and advising on statistical capacity building in developing countries. Many developing countries to date lack adequate statistical systems. The firm is of the opinion that the availability of adequate, timely and reliable data and information is essential in order to enable effective transparent evidence-based policy making, planning, monitoring and evaluation.

As a part of this programme, the firm has, for example, developed leading in-house expertise to help reinforce methods and procedures of data collection -- for instance, through population and housing censuses, through surveys, and from other sources --, and to reinforce the capacity to process, analyse and interpret such data, and to develop assessments and forecasts.

Under this programme the firm has provided, and continues to provide extensive advice and support throughout the developing world of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Within this broad programme, ANRC Consulting has identified in particular the issue of migration, the movement of people in search of better opportunities and greater security, as a key area that receives inadequate attention from international institutions, agencies, donors and others.

On the one hand in the developing world one now witnesses massive ongoing internal migration flows, and the associated explosive growth of usually very poorly-built and poorly-serviced urban areas. On the other hand, many developing countries also experience significant international migration, often of the highest-skilled.

These issues pose enormous challenges to the stability and future of many low- and middle-income countries and to the well-being of their populations. Yet, usually reliable information on these phenomena is sketchy at best, rendering adequate policy making and planning difficult or impossible.

In order to assist in meeting the needs for adequate and timely information on such ongoing migration processes, ANRC Consulting sponsors a series of training seminar-workshops. These seminar-workshops are aimed at local capacity building in migration data collection and analysis in developing countries. They are conducted on-site in the local country. No fees are charged for organizing and conducting these seminar-workshops;  some of the expenses, such as travel and accommodation, must be met by the counterpart.

A brochure outlining details of these training seminar-workshops is available by clicking here (pdf file, opening in a separate window).

As a further step in supporting such capacity building programmes, ANRC Consulting's publishing department has taken responsibility for the technical editing and the publishing of a comprehensive and state-of-the-art manual on the measurement and analysis of migration: 

Xu-Doeve, W L J (2006) Methods of Measuring Internal and International Migration. ANRC Publishing. ISBN-13:  978-90-8802-001-8 (ISBN-10:  90-8802-001-9;  note that effective from the start of 2007 the ISBN-10 numbering system is obsolete)

Details of this manual can be obtained by clicking here (pdf file, opening in a separate window).

A number of copies of this manual have been reserved at a substantially reduced price for organizations and individuals from and working in or studying in qualifying low-income countries.

Organizations interested in exploring how this corporate social responsibility programme might benefit them are encouraged to contact ANRC Consulting. Please see the menu on the left for a link to contact details.

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