Terms and Conditions

Under these terms and conditions, "the firm" is taken to mean ANRC Consulting, its partners, its consultants, its staff, its representatives, agents and subcontractors.

All fees, commissions and other charges quoted by the firm are always before tax, before any other duties imposed by governments or other authorities, and before any costs charged by other parties, such as, for example, bank charges. All such taxes, duties and costs must be met by the client.

ANRC Consulting highly values acting on the basis of mutual trust and confidence, and in close professional cooperation with its clients. In addition, ANRC Consulting tends to engage in assignments of a non-routine nature, not seldom in relatively uncharted waters.

Against this background, the firm operates a "lean dispute and claims policy". Specifically, in the case of any dispute with or claim against the firm on whatever grounds, the client's exclusive remedy in law and otherwise shall be the termination of his or her contractual relationship with the firm by giving three months' notice in writing to the firm. Such notice must be sent by registered post addressed to the head office of ANRC Consulting. Earlier termination may be effected only by mutual agreement in writing between the firm and the client. Any obligations due to the firm by the client arising during such period of notice shall remain effective and enforceable. This policy supersedes any other rights which the client may have and the client irrevocably waives any such other rights. Conducting any business whatsoever with the firm by a client implies the express acceptance by the client of this dispute and claims policy.

It may be noted that never in the history of the firm has a client invoked such rights to early termination under this dispute and claims policy.

When acting as a mediating agent or broker, the firm acts exclusively in the interest of actual or potential third parties and explicitly does so under a "no power of attorney, no party policy". Specifically, in order to guarantee and safeguard its trusted status as an independent consultancy firm, the firm never acts as a representative in law or otherwise of any third party nor does the firm itself ever act as an interested party in the actual or potential business undertakings at hand, be it as a buyer or a seller, as an importer or an exporter, or in any other role whatsoever. Parties interested or involved must therefore understand and accept that the firm can never make any representations or commitments on behalf of parties or potential parties for which the firm is or may be acting nor be held accountable for any commitments, acts, failures to act, errors or omissions of such parties or potential parties for which the firm is or may be acting. Conducting any business whatsoever in which the firm acts as a mediating agent or broker by any party implies the express acceptance by this party of this no power of attorney, no party policy.

From time to time, these terms and conditions may be amended, and from case to case, further terms and conditions may apply.

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