A Short History of the Firm

ANRC Consulting is a fully independent consultancy firm. It is constituted as a firm wholly owned by its partners. ANRC Consulting does not maintain any corporate interests in third parties -- such as accountancy, banking or investment firms -- which might bias its judgement, actions or advice.

To streamline its business processes and its activities and to limit overheads, the firm has always relied, and continues to rely, heavily on the use of state-of-the-art information and communication technology.

ANRC Consulting was established in 1980 in the United Kingdom. In view of a growing continental-European client base, the firm decided to relocate its head office to the Netherlands during the 1990s. Subsequently, all UK-based activities were gradually transferred to the new head office;  and, with UK interests, too, now effectively served from the continent, the UK office was closed.

In August of 2002, ANRC Consulting established a representative office in Shanghai, China.

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