Philosophy and Approach -- a Unique Business Model

The key strength of ANRC Consulting lies in its unique business model:  its philosophy and approach to operating as a consultancy business. This model uniquely sets it apart from other strategy, management and business consultancy firms. It translates directly into unparalleled enduring effectiveness and cost-efficiency for the client.

The following paragraphs highlight some of the key features of the ANRC Consulting business model.

ANRC Consulting does not work for clients, it works with clients. Effective partnership ensures the client's ownership of, and commitment to, the results. And partnership in projects leaves the client with a lasting in-house capacity to tackle future issues, without unnecessary need for further dependency on external support.

ANRC Consulting has extensive worldwide experience and expertise covering broad and diverse areas of business in depth, facilitating cross-fertilization of insights and experience.

ANRC Consulting can boast -- and relishes -- extensive global and cross-cultural experience, essential for success in international business. Cultures -- both business cultures and cultures more generally -- are delicate, pervasive and persistent. The firm takes the considered view that a thorough understanding of the subtleties of local culture is, in fact, critical to business success worldwide.

ANRC Consulting works to high standards of quality. It defines quality in business as "a total commitment and dedication of all individuals to clear common corporate goals". It does not believe that quality results from mere paper standards and certificates.

ANRC Consulting works to high standards of integrity. The firm highly values its relations of both trust and confidentiality with its clients. As the basis of mutual understanding, the firm prefers the tradition of the gentlemen's agreement over a contract nailed down in detailed fine print.

ANRC Consulting asks questions. It does not prescribe, nor does it employ pre-defined standard approaches, answers and solutions. Questions and lateral thinking lead to critical reflection and assessment, they widen horizons, and they generate valuable new insights, options and alternatives. Over a quarter of a century of experience has shown that resourceful, innovative and creative probing, rather than prescribing, is not only empowering. It is also a key framework for the development of truly effective and time-resilient trajectories and solutions tailor-made for the client and by the client.

ANRC Consulting is focused, incisive and direct in its approach. It cuts through superficial and peripheral issues, and goes straight to the heart of matters. It gives the message as it is. And it does so in plain language without the need for any pompous business jargon.

ANRC Consulting is committed to its clients and 100% results-oriented;  it is entrepreneurial, resourceful, creative and innovative. It is ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

ANRC Consulting is efficient and aims for maximum operational simplicity and effectiveness. It is a lean firm, with short lines of communication, and it keeps its overheads to a minimum -- ultimately to the direct benefit of the client. To the extent possible the firm has been a paperless organization since the early 1990s.

ANRC Consulting is both selective and effective. Simple routine projects and assignments which involve more legwork than anything else and which do not pose any strategic challenges to the client and to the firm are not usually accepted. And when retained for an assignment or project, the firm aims to make itself redundant by effectively empowering the client.

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