Business Opportunities

ANRC Consulting can act as a broker or as an agent for clients. Such mediating services are typically called for when the client's key objective is the active exploration and development of new international sourcing, marketing and trading opportunities.

In an increasingly globalizing world, finding suitable international partners becomes more and more necessary. At the same time, finding dependable partners can be both time-consuming and challenging. In developing such new business opportunities, ANRC Consulting can provide valuable mediating services.

The firm's expertise lies in particular in international cooperation and the sourcing, marketing and trading of goods and services between businesses in Western countries on the one hand, and businesses in emerging economies, such as China, India, and other lower-income nations on the other.

Parties interested in actively exploring such international opportunities are encouraged to contact ANRC Consulting to discuss matters further. Please see the menu on the left for a link to contact details.

When retained for such mediating services for a client, ANRC Consulting primarily employs its extensive networks and resources in a direct approach of potentially suitable counterparts.

However, from time to time, ANRC Consulting, acting for third parties, may have unique opportunities that could well draw an interest from unexpected quarters. In order to facilitate such expressions of interest and when appropriate, such opportunities are also posted on this internet site. They can be found by clicking on the link Request for Expressions of Interest in the menu on the left.

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