How to Contact ANRC Consulting

ANRC Consulting has four preferred languages for all communication and business:  English, French, Chinese and Dutch. Other languages may be acceptable for writing to the firm;  please do not hesitate to enquire. However, the firm may then opt to reply in one of its preferred languages.

Contact by Post (Mail)

ANRC Head Office
Paardendreef 69
8391 BC Noordwolde FR
The Netherlands

Contact by Telephone

Main line:  + 31 56 143 3775

ANRC Consulting accepts cost-free worldwide VOIP calls using Skype. The firm's Skype contact name is:  anrc-consulting.

Please note:  Once you have added this contact name to your Skype Contact List, then left-click on it, choose Request Contact Details, and a simple form will appear. Please use this form to request that your Skype contact details be added to the firm's trusted contact list. To protect the firm's internet servers and systems against unwarranted intrusion, any Skype calls from third parties whose contact details have not first been received and accepted by the firm, are barred. Please do not hesitate to send an e-mail message for assistance if required.

Contact by Fax

ANRC Consulting can still accept fax messages by arrangement. Please contact the firm for details. However, the firm prefers to receive any documents formatted as editable pdf files and sent as an attachment to an e-mail. Please use separate e-mail messages for correspondence (messages) and for attachments.

Contact by E-Mail

Please note that, in order to avoid the automated harvesting of e-mail addresses on the public internet by spammers, hackers and other cyber criminals, this is not a "copy-and-paste-able" or "clickable" e-mail address. Please manually type the address displayed above into the address bar of your e-mail software application.

Also note that, for reasons of security on the internet, ANRC Consulting exclusively reads received e-mail messages as plain text. If your message contains any formatting or image mark-up, then this will be filtered out prior to reception, and it will not be seen.

For the same reasons, it is also proving necessary to apply tighter and tighter general message filtering rules. Occasionally this may now have the unfortunate side effect that even some bona fide messages are dropped. Therefore, if your e-mail message unexpectedly remains unanswered, then please do not hesitate to enquire by telephone or post.

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