Introducing ANRC Consulting

ANRC Consulting is a wholly independent international consultancy firm focusing on strategic management;  on the international sourcing, trading and marketing of goods and services;  and on the strategic use of information technology.

The firm's guiding objective is to assist in the development of effective, leading-edge, innovative and future-proof solutions and opportunities which add lasting value to the client's core business activities in an increasingly interdependent global world.

1. ANRC Consulting can be retained (engaged) in a conventional advisory role.

Often this involves practical support and advice that centres on the development, the implementation, the redesign or the strengthening of a carefully tailored and targeted mix of mutually reinforcing objectives, such as, for example

– the reinforcement of a clear and effective strategic focus
– the improvement of product and market development
– the improvement of productivity and of operational effectiveness
– improvements in the supply chain
– improvements in internal and external quality control
– cost reduction
– increasing competitive advantage

However, the advisory role may also be of a non-project nature. The common model then is the engagement of ANRC Consulting as an independent sounding board or counsellor on an ongoing stand-by basis.

ANRC Consulting then is available as a trusted partner for independent advice, for an independent second opinion, or to assist in decision making as and when the need is felt by the client.

2. ANRC Consulting can also be retained as a broker or as an agent.

This is typically the case when the client's key objective is the active exploration and development of new international sourcing, marketing and trading opportunities.

Here, the firm's expertise lies in particular in finding suitable partners, in the sourcing, marketing and trade of goods and services, and in mediating in such international arrangements between businesses in Western countries on the one hand, and businesses in emerging economies, such as, for example, China and India, on the other.

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